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Stoner's work today in Lamachaur

Stoner’s work today in Lamachaur

Stoner’s work today in Lamachaur It had been opened since yesterday to put on Stoner’s lace but didn’t know how to do it. And the work that we do is also very difficult. It’s done well today. Stoner didn’t do well. And Stoner called to say that it hadn’t worked. Stoner’s job is to move the boat and then Tess’s job. And the work of throwing the buckets is done. We’re sorry to hear that. And I’ve been to my house twice.

And he went to his house with the same. I had the same key and I drove my scooter very fast. This is not easy to do. I wasn’t too tense either. What happens in Tennyson is that there are things that go wrong when you do something. While working, we also do something. It was a day of work on how to do outdoor choreography. And there was no lunch during the day.

Another friend and I went to the hotel and had lunch. I didn’t even feel like eating lunch. And that’s what I ate at lunch. And also after eating lunch and working again. This is what we have taken for the colony. This is very sad. There is talk that this may never have happened. And Phather is trying to do this because he has already done it. This work cannot be done by Kohosahi.

Today we have completed this work. And all the lace had to be untied. And it’s too late to open it. People who don’t know have a hard time. People who know this work are very busy. What this work is all about is something people don’t even think about. This is the path that the company has taken

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