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Vlogs Ride from Pokhara to Hemja

Vlogs Ride from Pokhara to Hemja

Vlogs Ride from Pokhara to Hemja at evening time we moving toward from MilanChowk at Hemja place. There is some work happening over that place in the evening time. We have met one person who meets at day time to meet me at evening time at home. Because the road will be fine to see the very place over there. Since the vehicle will be move here and there won side road. This is the main highway of Baglung-Pokhara highway which vehicles will be running in a fast way own track there. 

This place is also a lot of fun. Rati is very expensive at the time. And the way to Highway is also people. It is also private. People close to us are also hitting the road. This is a small video we have made available to the channel. I have uploaded this video in full on the channel. The roads are excellent, but people also have a lot of speed. Even when running, there is no control over oneself.

What a brand new rod in this blog. And why is it so late? It took me a long time to make it. This work is very similar to government work. And the contractor also puts out a tender for this route. This tender also depends on the type of hand. There is a lot of pain along the way. He has done his work by hurting. The evening time had also come quite a bit.

A man has gone to Hemja to collect money. It’s just a matter of making money. We went upstairs without even knowing people’s homes. And by phone and later this place is known. But this is my way of life. We have also covered this place. How much better this way is after so long. But Hitta was also very dull.

The road to the Highway is also easy for later, but somewhere it is working. There are a lot of people. After this work is done, he goes to work for other places as well. And we took the money and went home. People are very close to each other

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