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Today has been a busy day

Today has been a busy day

Today has been a busy day He had to put all the goods in his field at dawn. We have done this too. We have done this too. We have worked for our home. The three of us sang our sand and songs all day long. And a girl is hungry that morning. And this hunger is put down. And in the day we have done this work by settling on ourselves. I was also angry and said something. I was also doing my job. And he was still working angrily.

Basan was not angry and I kept quiet. And they were thinking in their minds why he had done such a thing. And it feels like giving a jab at the time of shouting but also why Jesus is saying the word in front of me is playing in my mind. Kurok Kurok has done his job. And the hands are sore. It also has complete comfort in hand. And the hand has done a lot of work these days.

I also feel sleepy. I have worked because of sleep. The sun was shining brightly during the day. It is also possible to get rid of palina by doing one’s own work in hard work. And I was also wearing kharo. I am also in control. During the day, the girl carried as much as she had in the bag. Boca is put down. The bottom line is that it takes work. Here is what he did for his job.

Here and I have worked with Pather. It is torn and torn. There is an opinion that this work should be done by oneself. There is an opinion in the mind that there should be no belief in the beliefs of others, but there are many people who believe, but there are also a few who believe. The equivalent of the work we have done is given on time.

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