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Why should people shout

Why should people shout

Why should people shout There are six people in our house. I don’t even like to make noise at home. Your thinking is on something else. Another thing is to think and talk. I can’t even think. I don’t like these people either. And you like such people in your house. It seems like people have never spoken. But he stays silent. You have to do your own thing. Other people who sleep are also disturbed.

Today, I have also made a fuss about it. It is not to make noise at night, it is to go to bed wearing a blanket. Then go to your room and sleep. It’s fun to sleep. I don’t like this guy either. And how did the mother settle down? One thing is how small it is. It is spoken in the rhythm of eating. People who speak in rhythm are also jailed.

Why is this person still doing this? And today is not even allowed to sleep. It is better for this person to go to bed and sleep on his own. I have also done some work. And what you try to do is what you get to do. But it is also eliminated by disturbing. You have to think about why you are drinking alcohol. Even people who drink alcohol don’t work. Alcoholics are noisy for a while.

Why did you shout at night? Why am I angry today? Anger also needs to be controlled. Even alcoholics like to do this. But you don’t have to live with alcoholics. This person is also spoiled. We also have to think for ourselves. It’s not even something to eat. Not even good for your health. You don’t have to talk to people who eat it. The things that have gone before are also spoken. The urge to talk while drinking alcohol comes to mind.

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