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My Saturday blog Story Part 38

My Saturday blog Story Part 38

My Saturday blog Story Part 38 then I wake up from the early morning time 7am. Since the morning time, I wash my face in my kitchen room. Then I take some hot water for a few minutes after they wash my face there. Then I take a cup of tea and biscult. Then my father was telling me we are going for working into the Pame place to working with there. Then we move forward from that place after a phone call with father. Then I wake up and then I start a scooter then we move forward on that location there. 

Then we arrived at that mention place of Marki Village on the Pame side. The old man has a machinery item problem happen over there. We have checked into there. Starter problems happen over there then I move on back to Pokhara valley bring that part again. Then I call that person which person will come from the bus into his own shop market place. Then he will be given that item and then I give money with the price of item there with his hand there. Then I move forward back on again that location. 

While telling the item price will be high to see there. Then I call to father that person will be talking with father then he will give a fixed price with me there. Then all talk will be finished then  I move over to that place for going there.After finesh the working on Marki Village we move forward to Ghatechina Place. After we arrived that location while the person will talk on father phone call their. 

After we have finesh that work over that place. Few hour we have finesh that working on under that Pulisar mill over to change Beyrin there. That mill were Gurung people. His son and father were see over their. While we making this one. Then  we have some tea over that place. Then we have moving forward from pokhara back again. All of work were finesh it there.  I come own home back then we have set own home their. Then I my Saturday blog story will be ended it this. 

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