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Today working on Ghatechina in Kaski

Today working on Ghatechina in Kaski

Today working on Ghatechina in Kaski there is one rice mill that will be happening a problem over there. Since the yesterday that person will be calling with my father to request to come and fixed this mill of Pulisar machine. Since at mid-afternoon time we arrived into that place via Scooter ride from there. Even that person will be calling with us while doing work on it there. Since the people will be making this discussion coming there. There is two rice mill over this place. This mill house by running with the Gurung people.  

After visiting this place, we went to our mill house and were working. And here was Sahor Bolanos. And Sahar came and we started that mill by eating so badly. And we found this mill completely open. And that is open and worked. And we didn’t have much time to do it. But we have worked fast. The two have worked together. And after working together, it becomes easier. The work is done. And the day was not so good today. And there was bad weather from the morning. And it was like a downpour, but I don’t think it would have happened. That man had come. And the next year people were talking about our work here. It was well worn here. And father has also worked. And I have also helped in the work of my father. And while working, it is very difficult, but you have to work continuously. He had also gone to Bayern. And we have returned to Bayern. And Bayern is well-suited to us.


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