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It was very cold in Pokhara today

It was very cold in Pokhara today

It was very cold in Pokhara today After I slept and woke up in the morning, I had to sit in the sun during the day because it was very cold. And I don’t like to sit in the cold air. Don’t get too sunny today. And I was sitting in my room and watching. And my mother was also watching. The mother also had a berth today. Ekka was a maid and was worshiped by her mother and Tulsi. And I was told to go out. And it was very cold today.

Today, this day has passed in such a way that I can’t even imagine it. And I never thought it would be so cold in my life today. This was the case earlier this month. That it has been a very cold day. Day was asleep. It is very cold and I am sleeping in my bed.

It has not even come to your cold envelope. Even if it is not, it will be very cold today and tomorrow. The water is also very cold even when running. If it works, the hand may not work. I have to wear very warm clothes in winter. You have to apply a lot of heat. Today has passed like this.

It is freezing even at bedtime. It also gets hot after being placed in a warm bed. Today is my day. What was it like in your place today? How cold it is today. It is very cold these days. 

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