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Visiting Targaun at Kaski

Visiting Targaun at Kaski

Visiting Targaun at Kaski since yesterday at evening time at 4pm there. So that there is some urgent working happen over there. In some of the cases, they have to know the urgent work there. Had to go at night time. And the buses did not come. And I had to go. And we got on our scooters. From today I have gone to this work today. The roads were bad too. And the roads were very narrow. It’s been cold since last night. It has been working since yesterday. That mill was a big problem and I had to go. And Father’s job was to speak for me in the place.

I went to this place and did not think. And looking at the road was very scary. And what to do out of fear, I had to hit somewhere. And yet he was torn apart. And Jarera had hit her hard. And it was time to go upstairs. And the scooter was very old. It was also due to Asahi. This was to happen in the days to come.

It was also great in the place. The roads were very muddy but the village house is the same. It was slightly cold in the evening and very cold in the morning. This month people are busy with their work. This man was listening to his story while we were asleep. Father was talking at bedtime. And I think Father’s guff is too big, but I was still listening to Father’s guff.

It was very hot in this place. It was a mud house. And we slept soundly and felt like home. And at bedtime I also had a difficult to use the internet. And even though it was dark, I had to charge my mobile in the evening. But it’s also a lot of fun in this place. You must go to this place.

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