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Family Dashain 2077 of this year in Nepal

Family Dashain 2077 of this year in Nepal

Family Dashain 2077 of this year in Nepal It’s been a decade and we’re celebrating at home. And you may see. And I’m watching it too. And I have done your post. And this decade was not very good. Because of Corona, our country has become a plague. And we have done it according to our time, including Tika. And Tika has moved to a country other than Laguna with her family. And other people go to work in the country. And we have seen our suffering. And no one in my decade looks good to me. And we haven’t gone anywhere in ten days.

In the previous decade, he went to his uncle’s house and got vaccinated. And now is the time to clean yourself. You have to keep your word. And no one will stop you and me. And because of Corona, all the countries are still in Naramore. Other people are also celebrating Dashain. You have to think that my Dashain is good.

This shift is also over for me. And in the time of Dashain, I have done the same thing myself. And he is seated in his room. And going to your mother’s house means we didn’t go because of this ban. And we don’t even think about it in other people’s homes.

How are you? And you may have also contributed to your Facebook. And Dashain was not good either. And not so good for everyone in the decade. I didn’t like it even in the month of Kartik.

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