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Yesterday Visiting a Bagmara Work Place

Yesterday Visiting a Bagmara Work Place

Yesterday Visiting a Bagmara Work Place since in the evening time we have moving over that place further working fields there. Since we have taken breakfast from our own home there. That’s where we went to work. And yesterday’s cold wind made it very cold. There were some bad things said while working. And according to what he has done, he has become greedy. And I have also remained silent. And I am also moving towards my work. And the man went to get his belongings at a place near him. It is very hot in that place. And that place is hot. And people now have a rice harvesting season in Season.

And we had people in that place. And that man came a long time later. And at that time I ate tea and with tea I ate Biscuit. Then they ate biscuits and sat down to do their work. And that man’s daughter-in-law had come. And that guy had come to the mill house to work. And we have to be here. And we don’t have a clue where the same things are kept.

The man had come to Pokhara, similar to Husker’s mill. And we were left without the same. And we also bring it from a known store. Not found And that guy did the work of another guy. And the man was very sad. And last but not least, people have told me that they can’t eat rice.

It took us a long time to work and because of the time it was too late. And at night we go to our house. This work has to be done very well. This works very well. We also have to do our job during this decade.

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