Repair Old Motor on Rice Mill in Marki Village

Repair Old Motor on Rice Mill in Marki Village

Repair Old Motor on Rice Mill in Marki Village it’s a very much small village where the people will be lives there. This place has only one machinery to run by an old man of 80-year people they have running this mill there. He has made running to service is good for all people from there. Since the motor will make damage it cannot be working it nicely due to the high volume of current effect into the motor part there. 

Since two days ago we have to visit that place to check out their machinery line current there. We have fixed it out finding this problem soon after the place will arrive there. Only one time he has called us there. We have to move to that place there. The old man will be made good and nice for this one. This Marki Village we have a problem even during this festival the people have rice paddy to inside their own home there. 

We have checked it out the motor will be finding it out there. Even the motor cannot work while we checking into the direct line from the meter. The starter will work it nicely over there. Only the problem happens to see this motor part over there. We have taken this motor inside the near to cross the river form that place there. We have called the Pokhara motor office people will be making repairs to make them as normal condition there. 

Now the motor will fine after they have made to repair that motor on the machinery part there. Then it will be working nicely over there. We have fixed to set an as normal condition that runs its condition as the same process will be working there. 

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