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Morning Work Place at Mahendra cafe at Pokhara

Morning Work Place at Mahendra cafe at Pokhara

Morning Work Place at Mahendra cafe at Pokhara which there is a problem behind the furniture carpenter over there. For a few days, we have moved to that place for visiting to check it out this fixed it. But the motor isn’t working there on machinery. Even the starter also not working well there. Then today we have fixed it out the motor there. Morning time they have cloudy weather happen to see there. But from our home, their sun raises over there.

Under that place, there is over the hills and near from mountain over there. Morning time takes off father on Bagar place then I move forward to bring the motor with part Shop at NewRoad of Pokhara. Even I reach that place then that person will be already wake up there. They have made a sound of morning god Songs there. Even he has also been singing as well it. He took off infornt of my scotor front to the motor to put there.

After then I take bills while he making the motor as fixed as a normal condition over there. He will be doing a mistake on it while making a number of bills there. Even I ask him you have written the above amount is correct then below down, you have a mistake there. You need to correct it there. Then he will be correct there. Then I move forward from that place.

Then I move to the previous road which I come to the side of the Bagar Area. Then I slow going on that place. But the heave loaded into my scotor. Unable to move ahead as fast to cross there. Then I move slowly which dig hole part rest of part I will increase speed into my scooter there. After then I reach finally over that place. After arrived that place that person was on the roadside there.

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