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Black cloudy happen on Pokhara at Moring

Black cloudy happen on Pokhara at Moring

Black cloudy happen on Pokhara at Moring while I wake up from the morning time I see outside there is black cloudy happen to see there it seems very much rainfall over will happen to start over there. But in the morning time, there is no rainfall which will be reacted to there. Today I went to going to Bindabasini temple to pick up the people there. There is no rainfall over while I move from my own scotor form my own home place.

I went to arrive on that Guru house to bring him at his own home to make Sarat over into our home there. Our grandfather Sarat will be doing this year of Sorasharabhas there. I went pick up that person will become my own home. Then I try to check it out the upload some video shots into my mobile device phone. Before going that place I already make this video shot with the up floor I shooting a video over there. 

Under the video, I said everything was said like what happen will do it this year. Due to Covid-19, it happens to react it out. During this Bhadra month totally big rainfall over there.

I have said the whole thing in my video. And I have also uploaded that video on my channel. This has also happened in your place. Why this has happened this year in our country Nepal. What has happened in your country? I have learned a lot about this but also. What is happening in this country? From now on, it seems that our life is going to be in your country because of this corona.

I don’t feel like working because of this weather. Water also makes it difficult for us to work outside. I had just done my thing. And I also said that what is happening in your place is also in the video. You can also watch it by going to my channel. The same thing happens in other people’s days. The same thing may have happened in your place. I don’t think so.


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