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How much rain has fall this year

How much rain has fall this year

How much rain has fall this year It rains once a day, but it doesn’t rain. When will it leave now? Since when is this holiday in our country Nepal? In the past, people had to go about their business and it was easy. The current Mahasam is not good either. What happens when there is heavy rain in your place? And when it rains a lot, people go to other houses. It may not have rained so much last year. And how hot the sun is in the afternoon. It is also very difficult to sit in the heat.

This water is high in Nepal day by day. There is a lot of rain in the place where I live. Richard has never been on a water vacation. But after a long time, I saw the mountains. And all the people have been saved by the water. Landslides have claimed many lives. People live in landslides. But even in the place where you live, you never know. One day it is called Janacha. Many people have lost their lives in landslides in many places in Nepal.

I have been wondering when this will be a water holiday and I will be able to do my job, but I have also said that it will happen as I thought. This is what I have told you about the place in my country. I did it because you guys are confused. What do you think? What works are affected by water?

There is no more any day it will continue rainfall over the whole part of nature will disturb us. While rainfall over into the night time it feels relax and enjoyable for a good night. During the summer it happens to it. It never stops it with our voice to says it.

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