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Travel Vlogs of Nayapool at Morning

Travel Vlogs of Nayapool at Morning

Travel Vlogs of Nayapool at Morning I started the ride from Pokhara to Naya pool over there. Since I started my scooter first then I take clothes with warm because the winds will come force come on it. Then I move from my own home place to the petrol pump place to input into scooter petrol there. There are Rs 280 bills will be a payment to give them while that person will be input petrol into my scooter. Then I go ahead then I turn into the way to Sarangkot place where the road was fine for going there.

Then I move ahead forward from that place where it easily to moving to ride for the Naya pool there. After 20 minutes I reach the top of Sarangkot place. Then I forward it moves on Naudanda place. After I reach that place then I will be move on Lumley place also there. After passing the Lumley place then it will come to this place of Nayapool. When I arrived at that place on Nayapool then calling to father he will come from the village. Then I waiting for more than 20 minutes he will come which he did mention it that place I stay on there.

The day will be perfectly clean and nice to beautiful hills of evergreen see over from I stay at the place. I take some of the photos were I upload into the Facebook page and other social media. That image which you see it there that place outside picture you look at their many houses over there. That my vlogs of Nayapool will be ended. At last, my father was coming it when taking an image of the photo before. After he arrived at that place where I wait for him.

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