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Today Grand Finale of Nepal Idol Season 3

Today Grand Finale of Nepal Idol Season 3

Today Grand Finale of Nepal Idol Season 3 it held on Bhadra 12, 2077B.S or Augest 28, 2020. After a long time this season 3 will be ended from today. Now you can see a top 3 finalist of Nepal Idol. Since pervious two season will be already do it. Now this is third season 3 will be get another next idol from Nepal. Lot of people will be love and support to running it out this show till season 3. This shows will be running on AP1HD channel.

Here three name is Kiran Kumar Bhujel, Prabin Bedwal and Sajja Chaulagain. His/Her Voting Code number is 03, 09, 11. Now the voting will be live on it. Still we you make vote them. Who is your favourite contestant or whom did you follow it. Shall you have voting them or not. Lets pick your mobile phone then you can vote from your eSewa wallet to give them vote to win this season 3. As audiance will be gets more suport them.

Our three judges name is like this Nhyoo Bajracharya, Indira Joshi and Kali Prasad Baskota . This judges still running out this season 3. It director by Laxman Paudyal to make this Nepal Idol Season as first. Now director is another person will be run it. This running upto 90minutes every episode shows helding on Tv channel. There is 112 episode they have do it. Now you can be live voting still be open it. Now you have your choose your Season 3 Title.

You can be vote it out them. Voting will be open at evening which mention pervious laste week. Now how many voting will be collect from this season. Lets we should be keep patient on it. Now i will share it out some mention to you here from my website. You can enjoy live on Tv on AP1HD channel. You must be subcriber the Channel of Youtube as Nepal Idol to check it out the live from there also. All judges will be exsited to see this live performance with three conestant on live.

Don’t miss this shows to watch it there. Our Nepali will be help to support them. Keep support them voting with them. Lets who will be winner of this season 3. From today this season will be ended. As during this Covid-19 they have stopped this shows after 139 days this show will back make them to ended this shows. They have follow the social distant. Keep watch it out this show today.

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