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Happy Hartalika Teej 2020

Happy Hartalika Teej 2020

Happy Hartalika Teej 20204 is the generic name for a number of Hindu festivals that are celebrated by women in many parts of India and Nepal. Haryali Teej and Hartalika Teej welcome the monsoon season and are celebrated primarily by girls and women, with songs, dancing, and prayer rituals. During the Bhadra Month, it will come on it. Today Bhadra 4th day the Teej will be started it. Hartalika Teej 2020 is unfortunate stories will be share into their own life.

Unmarried women too can observe Teej and pray for a husband like Lord Shiva. Married will be observed to pray for her husband for long life. During this time all women will be making a group celebrate as Teej. The mother will be meeting with her own daughter who already married it. Brother will be calling to their own sister who already got married. First, of day the women will make to eat dar with at night time.

Due to Covid-19 all of the sisters will be able to go to their own home back. They have also been miss the last moment in which she will do it. As the government also be stopped the mask moment of group people will be stopped it. As the government also be telling us. We need to stay safe with this virus. This year is a very bad year which unable to celebrate this year. There is a different Teej also update into the channel.

This year it’s a really bad year which they haven’t missed out on this day. Still, people will be leaving this earth with Covid-19. This year they haven’t celebrated it nicely. They will stop the program which held on different parts of the place they will be making performance them. Some of the few sisters were in a foreign country which he/she didn’t meet go back to own home. At this time we need to stay safe from this virus.

Like Nepal, the people will be visiting with a different temple to worship Puja over there. These will be a few moments people will be meet them. This year they will be praying for the god bless to stop this unwanted box it. They will make it strong with them. This year they will remember it. All women will be made and she makes more tired with the work. Hope happy Hartalika Teej 2020 will be nice to see it.

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