Nepal Idol Season 3 Is Back on AP1 HD Channel

Nepal Idol Season 3 Is Back on AP1 HD Channel

Nepal Idol Season 3 Is Back on AP1 HD Channel is today will be coming on this augest 6, 2020 will be started it already. During this lockdown coming on this season 3. Now teams were waiting to end this shows till now. Now Season has seen this shows. Most Nepali people will be watching it out right now. You can go to Channel into right now. Pick up for you remote and check it out there.

We all happy to see it back again the Nepal idol season 3. Pervious season 1 and 2 will already close it now. Now the contestant will be made to prepare on it. After 139 days this shows has been close to this show from Covid-19. When the lockdown will be announced into the last Chaitra month this shows will also be close it. Keep vote it out after the show will continue.

Even I haven’t watched it out this show becomes on it. Now I see this channel on tv of AP1 HD channel it will be back. All of the contestants were spread messages of video with their on the tv screen. All the judges will be happy and make it to end season 3 as soon as possible. They have followed up the government rule make it socially distant while running it out this shows. Finally, the favorite fans based were waiting after a long month back.

Just check it out and you might check into the youtube channel of the official to go there. Hope you will be watching it out there.

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