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My Saturday blog Story Part 20

My Saturday blog Story Part 20

My Saturday blog Story Part 20 I wake up from early at 6am in the morning time. Then I go first to take a toilet for long. Then I come back to the kitchen room. Then I take wash over there. Then we move forward from Chauthe place of Pokhara valley. We move forward from own home from that place moving on scotor. We received on there. Since the morning time, I take a cup of tea over there.

Then I put everything there. We can move forward on the highway side of our home place to move on there. We get that after we go to that place. And that man had gone out. And I called that person later. And my father was moving. And after working in that place, there was a school. And we met with that head. And after going to that place, it became big because of the small water on the way. And it was not raining here. And then another work was done in the place of going on.

I was told by that man. I was told to go upstairs to my house. After he left, his uncle started walking towards Father. And after I went to that place and went to my house to eat. I have been sad to go to that place twice today. And even today it seemed like Unlucky. Then the day went home and the man walked away again.

I went again. After I did that and came home, I walked upstairs. I had to go to get the money. And I said, Jana. And I slept at my house. And then the man took the phone number. When he did that, I ate lunch and went home. And I was run by Sister. And after walking, it has become night after moving. This is what has happened today.

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