Welcome to Shrawan Month 2077

Welcome to Shrawan Month 2077

Welcome to Shrawan Month 2077 is the day which the running up to 32 days running it will becomes it. Every it will be held on 32 days running under this month. Shrawan 1st day the people of women make a mehndi to put into their own hand. Try to share some image over it there. Today 1st day it will react a like a raining day reacted on it. When I wake up from moring at the bedroom I  see over the windows bar to see water already rainfall into the night time.

During this month we can see different celebrate will be held on it. Such as like Mehndi Day, Nag Panchami, Janai Purnima, Khihir Khane, GhahiJatra, Bolbom festival were looking into this month. I think this month will be nicely suitable for a month. Let’s see what happen to see the upcoming day it will be mentioning our blog post of the website visitor.

This month we have more work to do. And in the days to come, we will do what we have done. And I have also posted on my blog website that it has started from today. Shravan month has started from today. And I’m also sitting in bed and giving you a blog post. And it is raining today. And the same thing may have happened in your place. This month people don’t eat meat. And women take their Barta, yes, they take Shiva ji’s Barta.

How many girls would have wished to have a good smile? And others have done the same, wishing their loved ones to be happy. And in the month of Shravan, we don’t do many other things. There will be a lot of work for other people this month too. And why do people do this? The temples will also be very crowded. I will share those videos if I have the time.

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