Happy Mehndi day 2020

Happy Mehndi day 2020

Happy Mehndi day 2020 it will be held on every year July 16. Mehndi day it will be celebrated with the women only. Some of part the male also be put a little into their hands. Mainly this is forced on married ceremony and Shrawan month of 1st day. Mehndi is a form of body art originating in ancient India, in which decorative designs are created on a person’s body, using a paste, created from the powdered dry leaves of the henna plant.

It is different we can put it. Its also make a traditional rule which the people can do it. During this first day of the month, all-female will do it. Special for women it will do it. the women of the Indian subcontinent, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Africa and the Middle East. Many women have Henna applied to their hands and feet and sometimes on the back of their shoulders too, as men have it applied on their arms, legs, back, and chest.

We can put anywhere into your body part. Mainly the people are focus on hand. They have made he different image shot their own channel to share to upload it. During this day mostly highlight will share it already since morning they have making this. It has a different style and design to make it. You can make it yourself from home.

According to Hindu religious people of women will make to proud to make the different design into the hand. There is different kind of colour we can put into their hand to show making a Mehndi design. But I cannot it well for this case. But I see some of the videos into the youtube channel which the people can do their style performance to shot it. It will be making more and more time setting it.

During this lockdown, it might be less slow to get earn much more than the previous year. Some of the people make it himself to make a mehndi at home. Some of the near people will be sale into their area location to sell there. We can see alot of image of mehndi design and design you can be put it. Hope you mehndi will be good and nice to see it there. Keep continuing to share your image your social media side. Hope you don’t forget it.

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