Again I Visit on Naudanda place for Work

Again I Visit on Naudanda place for Work

Again I Visit on Naudanda place for Work for machinery motor which already demage from the water. While input the water in the motor it will be make a demage it. It cannot be working on it. Then we take part inside infornt the my socotor then come back own pokhara to make repair on it. Slowly we dirve a scotor over that place while come back on pokhara and again go back on that place.

July 7 that part will be make it fixed as normal condition which that person will be refresh it there. This place of new road it has been repair that part of machine indian people can do this. They have make earn money to save their life. During this time we have no available for bus to bring this part into from bus. Only red color private number also moves on it. The bus will be open many people moves from one place to another.

During that time we move to see to going that place from Sarangkot place which road condition were good way to ride a scotor there. Slow we can be move into there. While come deep of high hills top scotor will be slow going on it. We are safe reach under that place on 12 pm at Nepali time at afternoon period. Then my father took to take motor inforn with land to move to enter machine house. I take park scotor inforn that machine home of main road side.

There is raining day happen to see there. Slow slow drop of water flowing in the ground level there. We make a working under there. My father that place for while a moment there. My father fixed that normal condition flowing over there. All current were checking from button line which it will be demage or not. All part we have check it out that then we can check it out the motor. The motor were good condition.

Before set up that machine of motor we have more hard inside there. While unkown cannot be feet it. Slow move on that fixed part inside there. After tide a body part for Nut inside then it will be get ready move there round it there. It need more hard work to see it there. That why I haven’t know about to fixed it. We cannot make it this fixed this part. If you have know it will do esaily to well. After finesh the work we have take Khaja over there. All work were be done it.

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