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Bye Bye June Month 2020

Bye Bye June Month 2020

Bye Bye June Month 2020 it started with 30 days to run this month. June month is a day of the spread of summer season and monsoon reaction under the south Asia country like Nepal country. Under this month we have to make spend the whole Time with rainfall day with close up this month. This is the 6th month of every year it will become under it. Some of the year it will be been a 31 days a larger month will happen to see it.

According to the Nepal case, there has to bring a lot of change in their agriculture. During this time all agriculture or farmer will make a paddy crop of rice field into their own land with celebrating at under Ashar 15th day of Nepal. Under this month my birthday also is held this month. Just I pray with the Stop the Covid-19 to end forever moment which comes back into again. Now today is the last day of June month. Some of the things were can be close up their transaction report under the office and company.

During this month my first floor working was complete. Then I have happy to see this post to reach out to share under this June month. During this lockdown, all of the people were busy their own farmer and agriculture field side. Some of the parts of the government ended the year to close the finalist to close their transaction. We need to make social distant with the number of people on the government office side. If anyone people have Coronavirus will be spread to increase there amount of people there. Now we can be bye-bye the June month 2020. This month some of the things were to make memory moment forever to mention with us here.

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