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Half Complete of Shorten New Home

Half Complete of Shorten New Home

Half Complete of Shorten New Home at Arba Vijaya-13, Pokhara. There is a new house near roadside which that my homemaking on it. Shorting people were ready to do work hard on it. It has been long days will be making this format into a new house. This the system where people have to work for a new house.

During the lockdown, the worker will be working their field-side for work this new process on it. Due to some technical problem will be happening on it while making this new process want. There is no material for doing for working on it. First, we need material from hardware to bring this thing to do it. There are 6 six or 4 people were working for shorting there.

There is a minimum 6 days it will be clear to do this. But it’s late for doing this work on it. But it will be clear within 3 days then ready complete this process on it. I have made a short video which I capture into my mobile device which I will be upload on tomorrow moring time. There is only 1 minutes video will be share into my youtube channel.

There is hard working while making the first floor to doing this one. We have a talk that is a simple work it will be finesh within a day. But it really hard and dangerous work making a shorten in the new house.

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