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Visit with New Place at Lockdown From Near Arba

Visit with New Place at Lockdown From Near Arba

Visit with New Place at Lockdown From Near Arba during a day time we spend with a new place of Arba place of near river flow of Bijaya River from bridges side. Our labour workers were free today and even I also be joined with them. Then I stand over the bridge area side to take a picture on it. First, we move from own place of Arba place to move on the forest.

We have gathered on the roadside which we talk and walk with them. Then one person who are you then we had replied it that person. Making a tension feels with us. Some of the people I just talk with them. We move forward to the forest side to enter that place. I like to walk with friends and other people while on cannot make a time pass with a day.

My friends and I have gone together. And those friends had asked me not to go anywhere today and I have also joined. And in between, I have uploaded photos on my mobile. The friend was listening to music. And on the way, I saw new things and digested such jungle. The jungle had gone to but there could not eat me and I was fruitful.

I also remember the day before. And this memory is about everything. And I also thought that I have snapped my photo on my mobile. And you must have seen it too. The bird you went somewhere has posted the whole thing about that place. And I also went to a new place. And we have gone from place to place.

The pool was good looking and long. And it was a fun moment. And this is how our days went today. And I think it’s fun to be with friends. Even such a time has to go. And today was going to be very bad, but he also ran away.

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