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One down is completed of My Home

One down is completed of My Home

One down is completed of My Home at Araba Vijaya-13, Pokhara which starting on last year Chaitra month ago. Since one month there is a lockdown in Nepal. Because of Coronavirus will be entering Nepal. Then the government will make it lockdown the whole part of the place. If there is no lockdown then it will be complete down part of the home.

But there longer lockdown for one month. Even people cannot come outside during these times. But the longtime it will be complete this house in my home over that place. We have already a house on Pokhara valley side. There is out of valley side to make for a new house.

Within the week they complete this making the house with 7 people will be making this house. There have made this for fast and service due to lack of transportation will be less amount will be seen on it. Slow it will increase people to come on outside to make run an industries area to bring material of the house.

After one month, we have a plan to make this house. My father was angry at that time but there is no cement on it. Uncle will be making a managed these things to plan on it. There is a little bit much more amount will be added on cement price to buy it. After they have managed the workers will be happy for back own home.

They can feel bored for work during this lockdown period of time. Now they are happy for working on this on it. Now it has been completely one down the floor of the house. Soon I will share it next blog post for you.


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