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Another 15 days Added for Lockdown in Nepal

Another 15 days Added for Lockdown in Nepal

Another 15 days Added for Lockdown in Nepal A minister said that the decision was taken at a cabinet meeting held on Sunday. The government has decided to extend the lockdown with the conclusion that the risk of corona infection is increasing as the lockdown period is approaching.

Since last Chaitra 11, 2076 B.S it starts to Lockdown in Nepal. Still the continue for Lockdown for Nepal. Day by day it will increase the number of people have seen a Corona in Nepal. Some part will make a mark as they cannot go anywhere from that place.

There is 25 District of Corona infected attack to enter belong to Mark it. I think government discuss were good in the part of herself but according to my side isn’t good for making a plan for Lockdown Again. A lot of people have been coming on the roadside which the Government will be make a package to gives a people.

Daily it has been seen a minimum 17 or 10 people will be increase rate of the high amount of data will be increased on Nepal. Even the Minstry page will be updated through Facebook Page to mention all People there. While sitting own Home we feel bored with a stay on Home. Feels much sicker automatic will becomes on it but isn’t happen on it.

Lockdown makes to change their lifestyle even driver person will be selling vegetables to around their home side. Because they want to save his/her family status. The government will listen to the voice of people asking for needs to help them. Hope you will get a reason on under the update of Lockdown which government already announced it.

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