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Party with Friends on May 10 at Arba Vijaya

Party with Friends on May 10 at Arba Vijaya

Party with Friends on May 10 at Arba Vijaya on that of day moment which they have worker which making a house into my place of Arba Vijaya place in Pokhara. Under that, there is Typing work happen to finesh it there. Some of the workers need a enjoy with a party with themselves to enjoy it there.  Then we have gives money to bring meat from the shop and the rest of were drunk alcohol to enjoy a party.

Earlier, the They had planned to have a party today and for many days the birds had gone to their nesting place. And today was Typing’s home. And today was the day to grieve. We have to give it to the party. And the friends were saying the same thing. And join and I paid. And others also talked about drinking alcohol. He was talking about Alcohol.

Friends had also joined me to do that. I also cooked meat and slept in that place. I was a little tired and returned home yesterday to my living room. The evening was over and you were done working. And tennis was cleaned. And I was cooking all the meat.

We also tasted the meat of the birds that came to the Roxies. And that guy was pretty good, he told me everything. I cooked meat. And the other rice was eaten by a few birds. And we were talking in the middle of the highs came. At first, I was wondering if my uncle’s thief would eat rice or not. I was told that my rice is enough. He is gone.

For a while, Pakshi Baba and Uncle came together because he had brought the same with him and the road was not good because of the morning water. He had not gone. And the bird was left with a little stuff on top. And Bell stayed up all night. The photos are great, but I had a small party. This is a fun moment for me.

This a moment which I start under this 2077B.S were started to running it out this year. Hope next time I will mention it more and more to update for you here. Keep stay turn upcoming day to connecting with you here. Under photo there is no light is the proper way to take a photo to see a clear way that why I’m so sorry for that.

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