Again one Week added for Nepal Lockdown

Again one Week added for Nepal Lockdown

Again one Week added for Nepal Lockdown during the past one week it has been controlling it. Some of the border area people were coming from India. Up to Chaitra 25, 2076 B.S. Since a few days the government has been lockdown again one week to close it. Some of the official people will give service with service to there. People have also been harassed. And you may be worried about All doing a week, then a week, then the government and we people have a problem. And so has it been. Now you’re done.

It has been difficult for people to live in. And you may have passed you by. You might like to get out, perhaps. I like the outdoors, too. But I haven’t pulled out of the house to honor. Now the country has to be controlled. There is a lot to be done in Nepal. You’ve got a problem with this virus.

We take it for ourselves, but it is too dark. And if you are not able to work, then what will happen to you if you do not want to hurt you? I feel so bored. And no one is bored outside. Now the country has to check all the people with Coronavirus disease. It is important to check when all people are at home and tell them how many people have had this virus.

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