My Saturday blog Story Part 9

My Saturday blog Story Part 9

My Saturday blog Story Part 9 I wake up early at 6 am At Nepali time. when I wake up from the bedroom I take wearing clothes. Then I go towards own kitchen to wash my face over there. After then I drink some water over it there. Then I take a cup of tea. Then I come back to downflow to mother were cook into the wood there. I stay on there with my mother she cooked food there.

And he did go upstairs to his room. And I had to do this post. And they were sitting. And this was a little sharing of posts. And there was Bored time pass about the day. And since morning I have also done four posts. And while thinking up to the evening, there are a lot of idiots, but why would anyone think of copying, but even where there is only Coronavirus, Bored is me.

And we ate and I had lost two Films a day on Youtube is in There. And when the mother and the father were together, then the bird came from the brother. And he told me to eat and we ate it together and we were fresh up for a while. And yesterday, on the day you were watching, you passed. And for a while, the phone rang with my sister. And they had a goat. And I was quite bored too.

And for a while, I also called the caretaker and my mother had gone out to visit Buffalo. And I was also in the cavern on that phone and I took that off. Everybody came here and I was having a rough day. Other times, people who live somewhere in the house are also likely to get bored. And they had lunch. And I had the hot on the nowadays with a little heat. And what has happened to you nowadays? It has been quite hot in Pokhara. And if that happens, then Bell has been involved in my own program. And in the sleeping room. If the program is Finish then the party is asleep.


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