Day 5 Lockdown in Nepal

Day 5 Lockdown in Nepal

Day 5 Lockdown in Nepal which the government has close for one week to close everything to prevent and conservation with coronavirus to control it. While the rest of the people were feels too bored to stay at home because they have to earn money for daily life which has been stopping it due to happen this lockdown in Nepal. Even I feel too much-bored want to go outside to refresh it there.

Day by day rapid news happens to watch on the youtube channel. Still, the government hasn’t control checking those people who come from foreign countries. This has been a problem for Lockdown. And we all have a hard time eating and earning. But the Tennys are the ones at home, sitting at home. He has also worked on his toe. But this is something the government should look into because of Lockdown. But there are also people sitting on the road without food. And the government should allow it to be looked at.

The government has done the right thing, but the people have to be checked. How can we get that level if we don’t cope? But even that is checked out in Kathmandu. But we also have barley grown at home. The police is also checked. Emergency bike and scooters are controlled by tricks.

This thing has still got people out but we still have to stay home. But the disease also has to stop. We need to feels bored and we can follow the government rule to we cannot go outside it. Hope day 5 lockdown will be the success it.

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