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Starting Chaitra first Day of Month

Starting Chaitra first Day of Month

Starting Chaitra first Day of Month which as Hindu Nepali calendar has this month of end to close to complete 12 months in a year. Today is the first day of Chaitra month which people haven’t known it well for it. As English, it will be run to half of march and half of April month to see it. Only 15dayd before and 15 days after month happen to see it.

As this month is as board exam of SLC school those who have on class 10. They have to go to another school with own school dress to take an exam there with an identity card. As the whole school it will be close as a holiday for week. Under this time have happy to enjoy to enter a new class also too.

Under this month some of the festival pujas will celebrate it. As I know there is Chaitra Dashain has to celebrate it this month. Some of the people of a family were also a plan to visiting a place to travel it and also enjoy it there. This is only 30days to complete a month. April month the people have made it fun with another person while happen to see 1st if April. There is also an April fool month on this Chaitra as an English calendar.

Some of the people made it a new house starting to make a house at a being. They haven’t trust a religious status to make it. Some people have trust in religion to make it. This month we have wings flow to dust of land happen to see. Even we have felt as summer season to starting on it. We cannot stay in the sun this month.

I hope this month also be past it and let’s see how much spend a day with going on it. Let’s welcome a Chaitra first day to all. I will listen to good news to happen to see in the world with they have faced coronavirus totally stop this month also too.

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