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My Saturday blog Story Part 8

My Saturday blog Story Part 8 which I wake up at early at a moring time at 6am. After I wake up from the bedroom I take to wash my face and I take some water also too. After I had done it I need to eat some biscuits I going to market for buying it there. Then come own home and take tea to eat them.

We were on scooters in the Arabs when they were gone towards their home. Gone from And I used to be angry with us and how much that anger makes sense in our hearts, but it never does. And that’s what father did to make a big jar on a small thing. Jelly also cries when mommy and I get a little older in a jagged house. There is no peace at home.

He went to Chowk again and came to the house again and we were on the way to the Arab he was keeping in mind. And that’s what went on with anger. And we have gone to the farm. And the land was supposed to pass but had taken her and we didn’t find that there was a bulldog on the way, we took her and went again. The other person is what we say to the other person.

And when it was day, the midwife came. And talk of money has gone into the house. Demand with taking Binita, with the end, demanded that the aunty Vira was less and that I had put it in father’s pockets.

When I went down to the farm the brother was losing work. And they were living like this. He had given the brother gameplay. And others enjoyed the Internet. And we ate in the upper house and there and sit down for a while.

It was about the day Bikram Engineer was sitting on the floor, but. And we have gone to Lekhnath on the side of the father. This is done by finishing the job and going home. And again Hemja was gone so he went home by work. I ate breakfast before going to Hemja The house was built by the mother. We had a snack for tea.

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