India Best Dancer Started Tonight 8PM

India Best Dancer Started Tonight 8PM

India Best Dancer Started Tonight 8PM which held on February 29, 2020, into a sony television channel. There is three judges were available to see it. There is name is Malaika Arora , Geeta Kapoor and Terence Lewis. This judge is expired to select such of the contestant to bring it this shows. Even I have bee many days ago same promotion will happen to see on sony tv channel every day.

Now today is the last day of February month to end this month and also be start this season first into this dancer. Hope this dancer program will be supported to bring such type of people make it proud with the audience as well it. When I look into promote trailer of the best dancer which judges will tell with us.

I really wanted to watch it out this shows on it. But I’m also still for watching live shows into television on it. Tonight is going to come into every weekend sat-sun at 8pm at Indian time. I hope this season makes it more and more support to them. More talents happen to see it.

They haven’t any mention of the price of winner which they win a title in this season. They have chosen the best dancer in India country which they have to make audition to comes on a live program on television. This season was to see a real and true dancer happens to look into there. They have share own journey moves forwards into their life.

I just upload this shows as the previous post also too. But today it will be started tonight at 8pm at the sony tv channel to see it. Still wait for patient to see a live on it. I should be trying to learn some tips for a dancer to follow up with them. Please share this information with all friends and family also too.

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