Marine drive road Mumbai place to visit

Marine drive road Mumbai place to visit

Marine drive road Mumbai place to visit

Marine drive road Mumbai place to visit in India. This a place of south Mumbai place of India with it is 3.9km stretch. Chowpatty Beach is one of the famous nearby destinations. There is a beautiful place to visit the beach to see an awesome stone that will happen to see it.

During night time, I really amazing drive a vehicle to see a light over with different house look into there. Most of the people of a drive to flow in straightway to see on a night time. There are big hotel facilities to looks there. Mostly finding a couple lover were shoot to capture on photo.

Marine Drive was made by Netaji Subhash Chandra during his time. The road was seen as a perfect clear to see it. Once you can visit that place to enjoy with Mumbai of India. Different places in the country traveled that every year. This place was on the south part of Mumbai place. Even an actor of the film was shot on the beachside .

In that place, we have a lot of places to visit it there. If I collect mention name to visit there. It is also a big city in India and people also plan their own couple together. And you might have gone there and looked in the middle and in the middle. Other people have there. No one has ever seen this movie.

It should be in a beautiful place by itself. It looks even better in the sand. I have shared how many hotels are unavailable. Just this place is such an opinion and we are just as promoted by people and just as Justi Artich has written. Don’t go to that place but if there is any thinking you should go.

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