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Travelling to Takre Tanahu Today

Travelling to Takre Tanahu Today

Travelling to Takre Tanahu Today which i’m wake up right now moring time. Moring time there is no vehicle will be seen on road in highway to going that place on it. After a long time i went going it that place. With my scotor going that place it take much more time on it.

Me and my father were going that place right now on moring time. Some part of raod were offroad to see it. Some part of road were fine it. There is new rice mill to opening today on takre nearest place bhimat place of tanahu.

It take a half and hour to reach that place to go. Yesterday they have connect a three pharse line into their house. We have fixed a machinery a few week ago to shit there. Moring time it will be seen a cloud over on hills side.

There difficult to move to pass on river which going to that place. The pool will be under construction on the river side to see it. Opposite side will be seen on it. The budget will have to clear within a year complete that project to move here and there people.

I will try to make it slow drive with my scotor. Hope i cannot feels cold while to see. It might be fine in correct mention to reach that place to going on it. There is some part of lekhnath road were difficult to speeds to ride a scotor over there. Moring there is no much vehicle to run to see it.

Hope my travel will be success. I will be upload to you here. I will write it more article inside on next blog post to share here. Takre is a place of beauty of nature.

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