Welcome To Falgun Month

Welcome To Falgun Month

Welcome To Falgun Month which today  1st day of this month. Only 30days will have seen it this month. There is also a marriage ceremony and a lot of festivals were run it out. There is also coming on the Maha Shivaratri and Holi festival were coming in this month.  Even people are welcome from today as well on it. This is a second month to ended 2076 B.S.

People upcoming days maha Shivaratri withheld on 9th of this month which different temple to workship a shiva.

It happens on the day of Shivaratri, that people go to Shiva’s temple and reach it. Other people go to their nearest temple and clean it from the morning. Bell’s begins to grow. The girls are acquainted. It happens this month. Our country is such a big festival in Nepal.

Starting today, this month also marks the two Oath Festival. One is Shivratri and the other is Holi Part. These two Oat Festival are also getting bigger. Now in the coming days, this is what we will take. And it may even begin to heat up a little from the month.

I’m not thinking of doing anything special that day, but even on that day, people often interact with their friends. How do I feel when I remember the first days? But this month I’m going to try. Travel to new places. And enjoy posting on your blog.

Now the day has begun. If you are thinking of what to do next, I have a plan in the coming days as to who to do in the coming days. The month of Falgun is one of the better months. This month is on a very happy day. Birds are also fun if they are hot. It’s not like it’s winter anymore.

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