My instagram account temporarily block

My instagram account temporarily block

My instagram account temporarily block which i violent of community guideline into their on instagram. Sometimes its happen to goes on it. While i’m not doing anythings into my account. This is only certain period of time which teams give me back to active account.

While i’m try to active towards into my instagram it might this notification on it. If you have facing this issue lets me share your comment on below. If you active on instagram follower will be increase within a day or month.

There is people were on instagram account to see on it. Even artist were on instagram account also too. Millions of people on instagram account. Some people needs to be active instagram account. If try to work hard on instagram it will be active on it.

I have got that notification on it. Within 2days left it will be back to active my account which i will upload photo and like to other people also too. I will be try to active into my account. When i people goes on somewhere else it will be look into large number will be look it.

I’m wait for days to move on active or remove such notification on it. Still i’m back on instagram account. People got this notification also too. Its much more days teams will do this. If any staff around into see image on below which i will share on social media side.

Even i try to remove this notify from account also too. I’m worrier to remove it. Pervious it might be within a day it automatic remove it. Even i haven’t nothing doing into my account. Just a upload photo only there that much i do it.

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  1. My account temporarily block this happening with me from last 3 week again and again now today it also got blocked did you have any solution?

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