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How to vote on nepal idol season 3 from eSewa

How to vote on nepal idol season 3 from eSewa

How to vote on nepal idol season 3 from eSewa just i step by step i had been explain clear way to explain it well for it under here. Now you can used to vote from your esewa account to vote for favourite contestant over it their. Tips to vote it from esewa mobile apps which per cost price to vote also be mention it their.

It is very esaily method to vote it from esewa account. No needs to do sms on it their. From you can download an apps into your mobile device on it.

There is also mention time to vote for your favourite from their. Still you can try to vote with them right now. Please go their first to well know it see it. Below i mention to step to follow up this.

Step by step how to vote on nepal idol season 3
1. Just you can download your eSewa app
2. After you download then you must be login it.
3. After you put password and user ID of esewa.
4. Scroll it down part then you can click it.
5. Tap to click on view
6. Then you can seen to vote now and profile to see details on it.

Here step of vote for Nepal ido season contestant from esewa apps which i clear way of meaning to explain for Nepali people to follow this want. If you want vote it from esewa apps lets me know how much people will be demand it.

On pervious season you should Sms for vote to favourite contestant on it. Now its very esay way to vote from esewa apps. Even people Nepali from foreign country it very esaily to vote it their.

If any confused under this post to read it out on it. Please kindly try to leave your comment on below. I will be try to slove to clear for you all here. If you clear it then it will fine with me. Just once try it right now.

Here Link of Video to Watch it

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