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Now with the passport charges online

Now with the passport charges online

Now with the passport charges online passport department, which is under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has made arrangements to submit passport fees through online. You can pay from any bank account through help of IPS Mobile application to submit fee of application of passport of Nepal.

The department, in collaboration with Connect IPS, has arranged to pay the application fee online. By downloading the App of Connect IPS, subscribers can pay the passport fee online.

Even those who haven’t listen this news keep try to see this news for more information for you. Even you can happy to see this such a digital system will be paid for via online to submit application fee to the government. If you want to learn to know how we can do it lets me comment on below.

You do not have to go to the office now and you can pay money from Online and by doing this forum, and by paying online, it is good. From now on you happen to be. The Government of Nepal has done this. When you go to the nearest store, soda is best served. The work you paid for on the offset was finished.

If you want to download more apps then you will need to download more apps. And the only thing you can do is be friends. I have written above. Now you know the happiness of this thing. All you have to do is go to the nearby office to pay for the money. Now the government has made it easier.

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