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How to Create New Post in WordPress

How to Create New Post in WordPress You can login into your wordpress account with any browser from mobile or pc to open it. Simple you can see a left hand side of tools bar after you login into your wordpress account. You can seen more option to select on it there.

Follow Step by Step To Create a Post in WordPress

  1.  Login your Account
  2. Selection on left right side to option for click
  3. Click on post menu on Second step to see
  4. You click on post then click into Add New
  5. The page will be Open a New post
  6. First you can type your Title To post About Article Write
  7. Goto Second Paragraph to write or insert you Article over it.
  8. After then you see on Right Hand Side To can See A Publish For Click


This a step you should be follow up to create a new post into your WordPress account. Some People were Confused on this. They didn’t know well for explain on it. Here my tips to share to you friends. Under your wordpress If you install plugin of SEO then you fill up it there.

Those things you have already setup It make better make it good quality of create post into their. If you confused under this step explain to see it. Lets me know it here.

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