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Congratulations To You Ram Limbu

Congratulations To You Ram Limbu

Congratulations To You Ram Limbu for winner of the voice of nepal season 2 title final this season. I hope his get success and gets allot support from audience from nepal inside and outside of country those who are nepali they can really support him alot. Even i also shock while seen on youtube channel to live show over it there. The four top 4 contestant were singing it well . Before announce the winner the vote line were still open on it. The top 4 contestant name is sanish shrestha, aarif rauf, bikash limbu and ram limbu. All four contestant were see while he visiting own home back on it. Even the four judges were also excited to win a name before announce the name of finalist name. Ram limbu also one of the unique voice singing well to touch the audience on it.

Ram Limbu has won the butterfly, congratulations to everyone and no matter how bad it may have been with the people I supported, the vote of Audience is to win with respect. But it is okay to win every win. I was so excited about the result of my result that my Favourite won, but how I felt when I heard someone Else’s name. But all four have sung their own songs. And others also came to the site of the Old Season to perform at the Stag. He got 12 lakh cash, car and one music nepal album as well as also visit tour outside country. Once again i would to congratulation to you ram limbu and teams pramod also too.

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