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Thurusday Blog of laxman baral 

Thurusday blog of laxman baral starting a new lifestyle for dairy to share to you. Even you haven’t read it as well my story or blog post which i really make it own style of think myself. I wake up at 6:30a.m moring then i go for wash my fash over from own kitchen room. Then i drink a water over it there. After then i go for toilet for long. Then my mother already make it tea then i take a tea on there. My mother were goes down flow of my home where buffalo will be leave on school ground to sit on sun due to winter season happen on it. Every day she were going it there. Then i see on facebook and youtube video of friends spending time over it there. Then i really shocked on it those facebook instant article. Even i mail to facebook teams as well it. She/he try to clearify to me make it 10 new article to connect into your  website then start to submit then i must be cofused alot it. After i goto own kitchen room to preparate food over it there. After finesh thinngs on kitchen then come back own room to again seen on mobile what happen on news feeds. After i had lunch it. Then i’m ready for bank to some amount were deposit it there. After reach on bank there is no more person while on line side. Its really fast on it. Then i go zero km place to pick off a clothes over it. Clothes isn’t ready i give left pervious due amount i give him. And come back own home and my mother told to me some silax to your brother then call her on phone she tell me bring two want silaxa. I move on home. After received home i goto mahiju homes to clearify due amount left to recieved money to me there. Then i come back own home my friends and friends wife walk on there . And i talk with him there. Plan to dicuss some were place to refresh it there. We got plan it were going to kahun dharahara place of pokhara valley. Finally we went it there. Come back on zero km place to recieved clothes there. And Come back to own home. That’s my blog will be ended this thurusday blog of laxman baral. Hope you appricate to read it well for it. 

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