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How To Install iOS 18 Beta Version On iPhoneHow To Install iOS 18 Beta Version On iPhone

How To Install iOS 18 Beta Version On iPhone With Apple’s announcement of iOS 18, its beta version has become available. As it is a beta version, many minor bugs may be found in this version. Similarly, all the features announced by Apple for iOS 18 are unavailable.

Apple has announced a dozen more AI features in this iOS update. According to Apple, iOS 18 will be available on the following iPhone models.

iPhone models

-iPhone XS,

-iPhone XS Max,

-iPhone XR,

-iPhone 11,

-iPhone 11 Pro,

-iPhone 11 Pro Max,

-iPhone 12,

-iPhone 12 mini,

-iPhone 12 Pro,

-iPhone 12 Pro Max,

-iPhone 13,

-iPhone 13 Pro Max,

-iPhone SE (2nd generation and earlier versions),

-iPhone 14,

-iPhone 14 Plus,

-iPhone 14 Pro,

-iPhone 14 Pro Max,

-iPhone 15,

-iPhone 15 Plus,

-iPhone 15 Pro,

-iPhone 15 Pro Max

-iPhone 16 Pro model (to be announced)

How to download the beta version

This time, Apple has made the way to download iOS very common. The method is given below.

-To download the iOS 18 beta, your device must run iOS 16.4 or later. (You can check the device version from Settings>General>About.)

– To download the beta version of iOS, you must be signed up to Apple’s developer beta program. If you haven’t done so yet, click here. In this process, you should use the same Apple ID, which is being logged into the iPhone. It is free and beta version is mandatory to download.

-If you have already signed up to it, click here and go to the developer site. Then click on Download in the upper right corner. But before doing this you must have enabled the developer mode on the phone. For this, go to Settings>Privacy and Security.

-Now again go to Settings>General>Software Update.

-You can see ‘Beta Updates’ right below ‘Automatic Updates’. Now tap on it.

– Now tap on iOS 18 Developer Beta under ‘Beta Updates’.

-Then take a step back. Now there is an available beta version of iOS 18. Now tap on ‘Update Now’ there.

Now you can see iOS 18.1. Whenever Apple releases new beta versions in the future, they will automatically appear here. But the size of the operating system is relatively large, so the phone must have space.

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