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iPhone 16 Will Reduce The Problem Of Battery OverheatingiPhone 16 Will Reduce The Problem Of Battery Overheating

iPhone 16 Will Reduce The Problem Of Battery Overheating When the iPhone 15 series was released, many people complained that the phone was too hot. Apple later promised to fix the problem with a new software update. However, users are still complaining that the phone of that series is getting hot.

The company has taken this problem seriously and is working hard to prevent it from recurring on the iPhone 16. The iPhone 16 battery leaked by the leaker Majin Bu shows signs that this problem will be reduced.

The size of the battery of the iPhone 16 that has been released is the same as the iPhone 15. The interesting thing about it is that its battery is covered with metal. Most smartphone batteries are covered with black foil. which cannot effectively hold the heat. The metal case is said to prevent the battery from heating up and manage the heat.

In the photo of the leaked battery, it can be seen that its capacity is 3597 mAh. The iPhone 15 had a 3367 mAh battery. As a result, the battery of the iPhone 16 is comparatively larger than that of the iPhone 15. Due to this, the battery life of the iPhone 16 has also increased.

This battery is expected to be in the entire series of iPhone 16, iPhone 16 Plus, iPhone 16 Pro, and iPhone 16 Pro Max. The name of the iPhone 16 Pro Max is likely to be iPhone 16 Ultra. This series will be released in September.

Apple is expected to announce AI features at WWDC 2024 on Monday. Especially those features available in iOS 18 will come pre-loaded on iPhone 16 series.

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