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Google's New AI Search Shows Malware and Scam SitesGoogle's New AI Search Shows Malware and Scam Sites

Google’s New AI Search Shows Malware and Scam Sites Google’s AI-driven ‘Search Generative Experience’ algorithm has started leading users to scam sites. Especially when the source is mentioned while giving information on any subject, the algorithm has started leading to the scam site.

According to the media called Bliping Computer, fake iPhone giveaways, tech support scams, unnecessary Chrome extensions, and unnecessary subscription purchase sites have started to be delivered.

From the beginning of this month, Google has started providing the Search Generative Experience (SGE) feature. This feature specifically answers the questions asked by the user with the help of AI. And, it suggests new sites to view other similar content. At the same time, it is said that the algorithm started to lead the users to the scam site.

SEO analyst Lilly Ray first discovered that the Google search engine was leading users to scam sites. It has been found that putting any answer in Google and using the search generative experience, leads the user to an irrelevant site, redirecting to a scam site.

In some cases, it is said that such links even lead to dangerous links, pretending that the device has a virus. In this way, those doing affiliate marketing are taking advantage of this weakness of Google. Apart from that, in some cases, SGE has delivered fake iPhones to Amazon‘s site and lied that it was in a giveaway, according to Bliping Computer.

In this way, it is not clear how low-quality fake sites are bending Google’s AI. However, this incident has confirmed that not all the information that AI searches for is correct. Therefore, when looking for any information, experts have suggested to verify it.

In a conversation with Bliping Commuter, a representative of Google said that the company updates the system daily to protect users from spam. However, the company says that scammers are using new methods to deceive the common people.

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