My Saturday blog Story Part 54
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My Saturday blog Story Part 54 I wake early in the morning time then I wash my face in the kitchen room. Then I take some hot water after then I clean the room there. After I go to the long toilet to stay there. Then I wash my hand in the bathroom. Then I have to take a cup of tea with biscuits there. Then I come back own room to check some roll into the Gramfree account.

Even I will try to make some write an article into my website to share there. Then I will take much more time to there. Even I will make think lot of things into my mind there. Then I will think that I will be sharing some video clips over the dv lottery form from the pc or laptop side to do there.

It will take much more than 2 hours to edit and shot a video from my own mobile phone. Another I will take some clips under the laptop also too there Then I will be editing my video into my laptop there. It will take a longer time to take 1 hour to take there. Then after I take a launch break into my own kitchen room there.

Then I will take rest own room to watch a video over there. The whole day I will be sleep within an hour then I will share some write an article to inform to share own website to give them. Then I will be share some clips of articles will be shared there. Some of the videos will be getting promoted from my Google ads account there.

Then I feel too much-bored whole to see such type of video will be aren’t interesting to look into there. Some of the YouTubers will be sharing some important clips over there. Some of the users will be making some video to share own channel. After then I will be taking tea and With a break there. Then I will make them again I write a content post on the website. One or two-person will come to my home to transfer money to the eSewa account. Then I do it that also too. Even I slept own room.

Then I wash my Scooter to need clean there. Then I will be taking a shower inside the home there. It will be making a rainfall outside there. Then I will be shower over there. Then I will be Watch a video under the TV shows to see the serial to looking into there. Then I will be taking dinner into my own room there.

My Saturday blog Story Part 54 then will be ended here’s to know. Then next Saturday will be share to give an update for you here to know. Hope you will be looking into it here. Keep staying under with us to know them well for this one.

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