Kumari Bank Vs Nepal Bank Limited which Bank is best for good Service in Nepal

Kumari Bank Vs Nepal Bank Limited which Bank is the best for good Service in Nepal is both banks was Commercial Banks in Nepal. There were categories under Group ‘A’. According to Nepal Rastra Bank, they have been following the rule and terms to follow with this bank. Even they have been paid with Tax with Nepal Rastra Bank in every year. Simple under these two banks I compared which service is a good and fast way to dealing with the customer to getting a satisfactory service with both banks.

Nepal Bank Limited 

Nepal Bank Limited is the first commercial bank in Nepal. It will be established on November 15, 1937 A.D (Kartik, 30, 1994). There are 211 branches Located in Nepal Country. More than 86 ATMs were all throughout the whole of the country Nepal. They are given as different services and facilities were give to customers in Nepal. Even I have joined this Bank Account to get a Saving account under this bank. For a few years, I have been using this Bank service to give and a good way to suing the as the own business purpose to use this bank. 

The benefit of Nepal Bank Limited

  • It is safe and cheap time-saving in the account.
  • It will be conservation time within a minutes money will be deposited 
  • Easy getting load facilities.
  • Easy to save as Fixed Deposit
  • Easy received Remit from Foreign country. 
  • There is a different type of Atm facilities were available to use it.
  • Different types of accounts will be available there

Kumari Bank Limited

Kumari Bank Limited is the First Commercial bank in Nepal. It will be established in Chaitra 21, 2057 B.S (April 03, 2001). There are 203 branches that will be available in Nepal. More than 138 ATM locations were available to use to pick money from Atm from this bank. Their service was good and nice working immediately to checking the balance amount of customer to getting satisfied with them. They were following the rule from Nepal Rastra Bank Policy while the customer will getting the service to use this bank. 

The benefit of Kumari Bank Limited

  • Easy and Safe use this account as a normal account.
  • It will be fewer minutes of time we have to make a deposit into this Bank.
  • Easy to use Saving account, Fixed account for own purpose to use this Bank. 
  • Easy received the Remittance from a Foreign country.
  • Save much more time while entering the bank works there.

Which one is Good and Better to use at this Bank in Nepal? 

Both banks were too much equal to giving service to the customer in Nepal. But I will be make recommended with the user you need able to choose the Kumari Bank Limited better minutes of time you will be getting service from this bank. While creating a new account in Kumari Bank they will be helping us to fill up those forms while they aren’t understood time while fillup the account form there. They will be easily guided by me doing this time there. Since 2016 A.D I was open an account for a saving account to use my own personal purpose to save my money from there. Even I have to get the internet service and Mobile service using into my device phone from Kumari Bank. But only I have used Mobile Banking for Nepal Bank Limited

I did not say Nepal Bank is good. Nepal Bank‘s services are also a bit slow. It is also very slow to work. I haven’t been too slow to say slow. I’m just trying to bank it. My both is in the bank. But also I have saved in Kumari Bank. I just wrote in my blog which bank you like best. You’ve opened a lot of banks, that’s all I’ve tried to do. So that Kumari Bank Vs Nepal Bank Limited which Bank is best for good Service in Nepal I have been explaining all those things were entering under below mention paragraph line which you will be made understood to do. 

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