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3 Days left to Submit TAX Info For YouTube in Nepali 2021

3 Days left to Submit Tax Info For YouTube in Nepali 2021 it has published last March 31, 2021, the team’s youtube will be published this message for YouTubers to getting this one. Since there are 2 months long they have to give the chance to submit the US Tax Info to all Youtuber Creator. Now it’s no more days left to submit the info tax on Google Adsense on Youtube Channel. There is millions of user will be on this youtube channel. They have made earn from the money from youtube videos over there. 

How to Submit Us Tax Info Youtube in Google Adsense

  • You must go to your browser phone or pc browser 
  • Then you can be login Adsense Account
  • Then you scroll download part of the home page or you can see the main page of the dashboard to click to see Manage Tax info
  • You goto payment setting option
  • Scroll it down for Manage Setting 
  • You can be seen the Us Tax Info option there
  • After you can submit Us Tax info it will be Approval

For the case of related with your country which your country will be paid for Us tax for Us Dollar from the government of your country. According to the case of the Nepali government, they didn’t submit the tax for the government of the United State for Tax. But our Nepali whole will be paid for government tax only not paid of Us dollar tax info another country. 

Those who are paid for tax of us dollar from the government it will be easy to get the less percentage will be cut to balance to receive the payment from youtube teams. Each had every month they have update this process to doing this feature to do it. Above mention video will be announced to information video to all Nepali people they will make the Us tax information from the Adsense account to doing this there. 

Just doing right now you can needs wait to do this. If your channel will be making a monetization you will do this thing to pay for the government over there. Right now there only remain the 3 days only to submit the Us tax info from your AdSense account there. Hope this message will be shared with the Nepali People of those who got channel monetization to submit to the process to do this one. You need to do 3 Days left to Submit Tax Info For YouTube in Nepali 2021 this information to right now there. 


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