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Battle Round on The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 11

Battle Round on The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 11

Battle Round on The Voice of Nepal Season 3 Episode 11 it held on April 23, 2021, held on Himalaya TV HD channel at 8 pm on Nepali Time. They have finesh the Blind audition round to choose the getting the 16/16 each contestant own team there. Now all of the teams will get ready for the Battle round performance of contestants over there. They have promoted a trailer of previous episodes to share first there. Sushil will come on the stage of Voice of Nepal Season infornt of coaches infornt there. Judges will be interested in the battle round.

Even one vs one people will sing the songs same songs there. Per coach have steal and Emanation to choose there an option to there. Out of 16 talent, they have chosen only the 9 contestants for the next round. After they selected the 16 talented contestants they have met them. All coaches will tell the own advisers telling with infornt contestants team there. The adviser will be helping to teach for all of them with each coach team member there. Even the coach team will give suggestions to give power of talent showing own way there.

The first battle will be started by Team Raju. Raju will pair the battle with women singers to choose them there. They have chosen the songs on the Mobile screen there. They have tick mark which part did you songs there. Tara and Niharika will battle will begin to start on there. Both of them sing very really well. Even Deep, Trishna and Pramod will be give got a comment with her there. Raju will be for the next round for knock-out round who’s will be selected there. Raju will call the adviser who wants to choose them. Raju will choose the Tara for the next round of knock-out rounds there.

Raju will tell with Niharika will give songs with promises with both working with them together. She will tell about this stage and what she will be working on with Team Raju there. Team Trishna will select the Steel power to choose their own team back. All three teams will make steel power there. She goes on Coach Pramod for selected as Steel power select there. Now next battel round with Team Deep. Both of them will be selected songs to sing there. Bibek and Sujita will make songs singing with the battle round to see there. Coach Raju will give a comment there. All coaches will give good comments both of them there.


Sujita will go on the next round with the team Deep will select on knock-out round there. There is a lot of comment will from her so that he will get this discuss this select it. Even the Bibek isn’t select for the next round from this season. Hope he will be improved next time. Now the battle will be to see the Trishna battle to see there. Sandesh and Top Raj will be pairing to singing songs both of them their same songs there. Even the coach will choose the songs there. Both of them now singing songs there. All coaches will give good comments with them there.

Trishna will decide to choose the knock-out round for top Raj for the next round to see there. Sandesh isn’t select for this round his journey will be stopped here. Now the battle on team Pramod to see the contestants there. Utsav and Sijasu both pairing as a team working with sing a song in a battle round into the stage there. Both of the sings were rocking performances over there. Pramod will happy to see both performances over the stage there. He chooses the Utsav for the knockout round from his choice there. Sijasu will make try to emotionally on stages there. Even the Pramod will try to strong with her there.

This is the first battle round will finesh on here. Hope you have been enjoying it a lot there. Even I also got emotional so part of people will find out the emotional happen to see there. This season is a really awesome and great talent to see there to find out there. Hope all the best of luck for the upcoming days with them.

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